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This blog originally was created for Cabaran SEO organized by Wangcyber with a key phrase of Belajar SEO. Since it was being declared as # 1 for that SEO competition on 17 July 2008, i has not optimize it anymore to maintain that position, However, i will keep on update this blog for benefits of people who may think this blog is relevant.

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I hope you will find useful info about Search Engine Optimization tips in here :)

Belajar SEO- June 28

Belajar Seo is not about getting the best rank in any search engine. It has been known world wide that the results of your website is vary from one search engine to another. But people always take as a basis to measure? Why Google? I agree why google and why not Yahoo? I believe among others, Google has dynamic factors and It give more option to the searcher to get the best info from google search engine. So what makes google the best among others search engine? That is something that we need to understand in order to get the best rank in google. Like they say, “Know me before I love you” J

1. Dynamic algorithm- I think this is the main factor on why people preferred to use Google to do searching. Google has ability to change their algorithm from time to time, to benefits of the users. The dynamic of the algorithm will give more option and freedom among the website especially new created website to compete with those well established website

2. Page rank- Google has their own formula to rank website based on their Page rank. The Page rank in one way or another is another factor that google use to rank the webiste. The Rank is start from 0-10 where 10 is the best

3. Link Popularity – Link Popularity is refer to the backlink that website is receiving. It is kind of voting system to the website and google do take this into their account when listing the web

4. Content- Content is another influence factor. Do right a good content to get best results on the search engine

5. Website structure- Design and implement friendly SEO of the website. Try to avoid broken link.

Belajar SEO- Overview

Belajar SEO merupakan sesuatu yang amat menarik untuk dipelajari especially kepada yang menumpukan kedudukan yang tinggi di search engine. Sesuatu blog atau website yang berada di main page sesebuah Search Engine seperti Google dan Yahoo mempunyai peluang yang tinggi untuk dilawati oleh pencari maklumat di search engine. Terdapat banyak faktor yang mempengaruhi kedudukan SERP sesebuah blog, yang menyebabkan kita perlu memperlajari SEO dan sudah semestinya proses Belajar SEO ini bukanlah sesuatu yang "segera" untuk dikecapi.

Kenapa pentingnya kita Belajar SEO?

1. Membantu kedudukan blog/website di Search engine
2. Membantu untuk memperlihatkan kedudukan persaing kepada blog/website
3. Mengetahui selok belok konsep search engine untuk membantu memperbaiki kedudukan SERP
4. Mendapat Traffic yang tinggi di Search Engine

Apakah factor yang penting di dalam Belajar seo sesebuah website atau blog?

1. ON page optimization
2. Off Page Optimazation

Belajar SEO Step by Step

Belajar SEO is not as easy as eating peanut while watching SEO talk in youtube video. It actually require your ability to understand the nature of Google algorithm and your patient to see your blog to be on the first Page of everyone in the world. No doubt, by Belajar SEO, you have more chance to be on top compare to Tom and jerry who do not learn anything About SEO. SEO is not just optimization of your page. It has other factors that will influence your page in any way. Now let we learn the basic of Belajar SEO of your page

1. Title
- Does Title is very important in SEO? I guess yes it is. Title has influence to your page rank. Write a good title that refer to your keyword

2. Meta tag
- meta tag such as keyword seem to be no longer relevant in google but other search engine still using it.

3. backlink
- i think this has more factor comparing to the other two.