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This blog originally was created for Cabaran SEO organized by Wangcyber with a key phrase of Belajar SEO. Since it was being declared as # 1 for that SEO competition on 17 July 2008, i has not optimize it anymore to maintain that position, However, i will keep on update this blog for benefits of people who may think this blog is relevant.

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I hope you will find useful info about Search Engine Optimization tips in here :)

Busby SEO Challenge- Busby SEO

Busby SEO challenge, another SEO contest organized by Australian company. This company- their main business is also related to the search engine optimization. I am sure this company will have a good rank in search engine in the coming month. Why? because there a lot of people are trying to beat them in Busby SEO challenge. This challenge is open world wide where there are a lot of SEO's guru are joining too. Sound interesting right? Why not try your luck and who knows you will be the lucky person? At the end of the day, it  is about Search Engine Optimization technique in The Winner for the SEO challenge will be decided based on the highest rank of position with the key phrase of Busby SEO challenge.

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Belajar SEO - SEO Update

Belajar SEO - A keyword being used for Wangcyber competition will ended today at 11.59, 16 July 2008. No matter who is the winner, but one thing for sure, i have gain quite a number knowledge especially Search Engine Optimizations techniques and Operation. Yes, I agree, it kind of very challenging exercise when it come to the Search Engine Optimization. I do hope the information from this blog can help you a little on the Search Engine optimization. If you really check my blog in Google, you will notice that the latest crawl visit my site was on 7 July 2008. It kind of very slow for a competition like this. But Like i say, competition is not everything. The prizes is just a bonus, but the knowledge of Search Engine Optimization will last longer. I think i has describe most of the thing that SEO guy should do in this blog. You may have to go from one blog to another. It kind of mixed between posts in this blog. But then again i do hope you search it properly and do not condemn me because it is free for you :).

One thing i realize  about Search engine optimization or SEO is that, the content is the king. Why do i say like that? because if you have a good content, i am sure search engine slowly will notice that.

Spamming technique for SEO is not a good approach. I am not saying that you should do whitehat or greyhat or even blackhat SEO, it is up to you to decide But as for me, i would rather play SEO between the rules. So what is the rules? The rules that i am referring to is GoogleWebmaster rules. I hope after Belajar SEO contest is ended, i can spend sometime to update this blog and may use it as an update for any SEO related information and of course, Free of charge for you.


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Belajar SEO- SEO Summary

Belajar SEO , the keyword for this blog will summaries the Onpage Optimization technique that being used in this blog. I will share to you what are the Onpage optimization that i am using in order to optimize this blog to the search engine and at the same time, this blog is written to the human being too. I do hope the SEO information that i share here could benefits everybody. SEO it is not about search engine. No point if we have a good rank but we have no information that could benefits everyone. That is the rare cases because most of the top site has a  good rank in search engine. I will share with you the On page Optimization that i use for this blog.

1. Landing Page with Keyword as the anchor text hyperlink

DId you notice that i have CSS H1 for the title before the header of this Blog? The title that i am using which is Belajar SEO is the keyword of this blog that is the first keyword with the anchor text hyperlink to this blog that ROBOT will be indexing. I think that is sufficient enough to tell ROBOT that this blog is about Belajar SEO

2. Title page

I think you will notice that i am using my keyword for all Posts that i made. That is actually a way for me to tell search engine that this blog is related to the Title Post that i made. It is seem to work so far.

3. Keyword for the 1st Word in a post

I am also putting up the keyword that i focusing into the first word for each posts. This is again to let the spider to follow the link that i made in the post and use the anchor text with keyword as my main niche.

4. Related Post at the sidebar on the Layout.

To maximize the content of this blog, i also put up the recent post at the sidebar. This will increase the visibility of the keyword that i use in regards to previous post.

5. Link Exchange

Link exchange is the most important factor in SEO because from there your Link popularity will be decided.

Ok. Hope this simple SEO tips can help you a little. 

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Belajar SEO-SEO Inbound Link

Belajar SEO's Blog has discussed many factors that influence the SEO rank in google or any search engine in the previous post. Today i would like to discuss more into one of important factor that also can help in getting better rank. Inbound Link is of the factor that is outside of site owner control. Yes, we can start creating our inbound link campaign but the question come to, how long we have to do that? it may take sometime and at the end of the day, we may feed a bit feed up in creating inbound link to our site. Therefore one the best factor that google is using now is taking the inbound link as of of the factor to rank your site.

The rules of SEO in search engine is rather very simple. The more inbound link you received, the more popular is your site and search engine like google if found that your site has more information and therefore you should be rank better for the benefits of users. SEO optimization 101 always say that if you have interesting story, you have more changes to get inbound link. Yes, i agree with this principles. So what is the factor determine of SEO Inbound Link. Let we take a look of two major factor below:

1. Relevancy

Your site will be listed a useful and important site if you received inbound link from the site that has the same niche with you. For example if you talk about football, another football site also pointing to you. So your website know will be consider as important by search engine

2. Number of Inbound link

This factor is a bit gray as search engine doesn't really  count how many inbound link that you are receiving. They always refer to quality backlink as the main factor. Sometime site has little inbound link get rank higher compare to site that has many link.

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Belajar SEO- Mistake that should be avoided

Belajar SEO today will share how important for you to understand the web structure before you start to make backlink campaign. It is advisable for you to focus more into On page Optimization before you are doing the Off Page Optimization in SEO web development and operation.  Let we study what are the mistake that we should avoid before we start to do Off page Optimization? Below is the summary of the mistake

1. Your Header

Do not use heavy design header because it is slow in term of loading and don't forget to put up ALT attribute name for the header, people may find your website if the search the image in search engine.

2. Navigation site

Do not used Script to develop your navigation site. This is because search engine cannot execute the script. Therefore, the link that you are provided cannot be interpret by the search engine crawler.

3. Redirection.

Some SEO gurus say redirection is not recommended. I have no idea about this but logically, it will confuse the ROBOT to index and crawl your website

4. Using Hidden Text

This is refer to the spamming technique where you try to cheat search engine by adding keyword that use the color of your background. Therefore it will not look visible for the user but it does visible for the robot. If you are using this technique, you should remove it now.

Ok. That for today, Hope this tips will give you some info about SEO. Remember, Belajar SEO is never end as search engine are changing their algorithm over time.

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Belajar SEO- Anchor Text

Belajar SEO today will focus on anchor text for your SEO web optimization. There a lot of to make anchor text seo's friendly. Unfortunately, we have to play some safe game in SEO. Too many anchor text that refer to the same keyword are not too good too. make a variety of Anchor text that refer to the same niche but not the exact word to be use. For example, if we want to use Belajar SEO as a keyword for this blog, we may want to use others anchor text that also refer to the same subject. For example, SEO, Search engine, optimization. Too many repeated keyword for the same word may look spammy. Therefore it is recommended to divert/spread it away from one sentence to another. 

The same thing for the anchor text to be use for backlink. If we are using comment as one of the way to get linkback from others blog, do not use the same anchor text to represent your name. You may use different name but make sure it is related to another. For example, i may use nick name as Belajar SEO for one blog and use SEO for anothers. This will make the link look natural from Search Engine perspective,

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Belajar SEO- Basic SEO # 2

Belajar SEO today will focus with two topics that more into on page optimization technique. I do hope this blog can give more info to you rather just joining this blog for the contest with the keyword term of "Belajar SE0".  I will focus on with SEO tips as below

1. Number of keywords that should have on a page

This is hard to say. But for sure, you cannot spam your blog with too many keyword repeating all over the place. I think the keyword should be appear  not more than 6% of your total sentences. If possible, do not include the keyword in the same sentence. Make sure you reserved that keyword for another sentence and it look like more natural.

2. A keyword density
2.1.3 Keyword density and seo
  The keyword density also play a major roles in onpage optimization. Like i mention to you earlier do not spam your blog with too many keyword as is will not give you any better in your SEO optimization. Sure you may think search engine will say you have something here, but believe me, search engine will penalize your blog by doing spam blog or spplog.

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Belajar SEO-Basic about SEO

Belajar SEO to will try to give you some basic information about SEO which you have to know before you need to optimize your SEO web development. In general you have to understand 6 terminologies about SEO. The term as listed below.

1. Spider- Spider is actually some kind of a program that will download your web pages for indexing. This spider will act as a browser and the same thing what normal user is doing. The only different about Spider is that normal user will see the text, graphic and other information about the web pages where spider it self only looking at the source code or html code.

2. Crawler- Also a program but his job is basically try to identify and follow the available link each and every pages that you have. The crawler will act as what you are instructed him to do. For example if you want them to follow the link, you may use "dofollow" or otherwise.

3. Indexer- This is a program that will analyze the information that being gather by Spider and Crawler.

4. Database- I think this is very straightforward. Database in SEO will refer to the storage of information that being captured/downloaded/processed pages of your website/blog.

5. Results engine- This will be the final output that extracts information from the database

6. Web Server- It is a server that manage the interaction between users and search engine.

I hope with little info above will guide your SEO skill and as part of Belajar SEO is concern, all the SEO principles are more less the same between one search engine to another.

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Belajar SEO- List of SEO company in Malaysia

Belajar SEO in Malaysia? While searching the information on SEO for SEO web development, i came across on the company based in Malaysia who are offering the SEO services as part of the service offered by them. WOW, there a lot of company in Malaysia who are offering this services? Why do i search of this company? Am i spying them or am i going to offer this service in near future? That is wrong answer :) SEO is a compulsory for webmaster, i guess you will agree with me too. Belajar SEO contest is just pushing power for me to learn SEO. Ok here you go, a list of SEO company in Malaysia

1. Malaysia Search Engines Optimization (SEO) Company

2. TechMy.TM

3. Maple Software Creation


5. ericanfly

Ok. Hope that list will give you some info if you are looking for SEO services.

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