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This blog originally was created for Cabaran SEO organized by Wangcyber with a key phrase of Belajar SEO. Since it was being declared as # 1 for that SEO competition on 17 July 2008, i has not optimize it anymore to maintain that position, However, i will keep on update this blog for benefits of people who may think this blog is relevant.

Another Tit-Bit...

I hope you will find useful info about Search Engine Optimization tips in here :)

Belajar SEO- Backlink

Belajar SEO today will focus on link Building for your website. Backlink is
one of the biggest factor to determine your SERP in Google. If you do not have any backlink, it will not bring you anywhere because
SEO is about backlink but Not ALL about the link :)

Ok. How do we define the best backlink? In Belajar SEO, where have to be aware on any link that we are pointing with. If we point it to non reletad website, it will
not bring you any better. Here is the rule of thumb in SEO to find out what is the best backlink.

1. PR - Google PR
Try to find good website with High PR, the highest the better

2. Nice

- Try to find website that discussing the same topic as you is.

3. Dofollow
- Without Dofollow, the link is not the juice link

Hope with this simple Belajar SEO tips can help you in getting best result.
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