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This blog originally was created for Cabaran SEO organized by Wangcyber with a key phrase of Belajar SEO. Since it was being declared as # 1 for that SEO competition on 17 July 2008, i has not optimize it anymore to maintain that position, However, i will keep on update this blog for benefits of people who may think this blog is relevant.

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I hope you will find useful info about Search Engine Optimization tips in here :)

Belajar SEO-Get index within 10 hours

Belajar SEO will never end. Why? Because the evolution of the search engine it self that change the algorithm from time to time. I guess you will be agree with me because google has change their algorthim many times to ensure the visitors from search engine gain the best experiences while searching information in the search engine. The question come to, do we write for google or write for human being. Hard to say, but a combination of two that will be a better. The Belajar SEO contest is just around the corner. This blog, the blog that you are reading right now are still fighting to get better rank. It is like a Flip Flop. Today I will share with you how do I get index by Google in 10 hours after this blog created.

1. Submit to Digg
2. Submit to Stumbleupon
3. Submit to Propeller

That is, I don’t really submit my blog to google url. I let google to find this blog naturally instead of submitting my url to google.

If you want to check either google has index your blog, simply time

Getting index by google is quite fast, but getting high rank by google is another issue.

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  1. Lin said...

    gee thanks for the info.. i have to wait for 4 days then my blog index to google.

    Lesson learn today by submitting to sumbleupon and propeller.. never thought of this url before.. hehe .. Geee Thanks So Much.. ^ _ ^

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