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This blog originally was created for Cabaran SEO organized by Wangcyber with a key phrase of Belajar SEO. Since it was being declared as # 1 for that SEO competition on 17 July 2008, i has not optimize it anymore to maintain that position, However, i will keep on update this blog for benefits of people who may think this blog is relevant.

Another Tit-Bit...

I hope you will find useful info about Search Engine Optimization tips in here :)

Belajar SEO- Mistake to avoid

Belajar SEO require you to understand the requirement of what search engine is looking for in order rank you website. SEO does not only apply for offpage optimization only but also the onpage factor. Now let we study the overview of the mistake that we should avoid while doing the SEO of your website.

1. Broken Link
- Make sure there is no broken link from your website.

2. Keyword density
- Never spam your blog with too many keyword

That for today. Hope with this info, you can have better rank in search engine. SEO is about patient. The more patient you are the better rank you will be. Therefore with pembelajaran SE0 is actually continuous process.

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  1. abdfatah belajar seo said...

    semakin mantap dan bergaya di ranking pertama... good luck.

  2. admin said...

    abdfatah, macam flip flop. tak stable, kejap jatuh, kejap naik

  3. abdfatah Belajar SEO said...

    takper kejor yob kejor... dapat lebih pengalaman lagi. lagi mantap dan tip top...

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