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This blog originally was created for Cabaran SEO organized by Wangcyber with a key phrase of Belajar SEO. Since it was being declared as # 1 for that SEO competition on 17 July 2008, i has not optimize it anymore to maintain that position, However, i will keep on update this blog for benefits of people who may think this blog is relevant.

Another Tit-Bit...

I hope you will find useful info about Search Engine Optimization tips in here :)

Belajar SEO-Social Bookmarking

Belajar SEO today will focus on submitting your website/blog/article to Social Bookmarking website. Why do we need to do that. Ok, we make it simple. Social Bookmarking website normally has a lot of viewer and there has a good traffic in term on interaction of people from one issue/topic to another. Social bookmarking website allow people to Vote those story they like or otherwise. Social Bookmarking such as Digg, Stumbleupon and delicious, to name of few has a lot of traffic and one of the reason why google like them because, the more story being discuss in social bookmarking website, there more changes that story to be listed in search engine.

In fact, by submitting your website/blog/articles to social bookmarking will make your website/blog to get index faster by the robots. That is one of the factor in Belajar SEO

Below is the list of social bookmarking that you can try.
1. Digg
2. StumbleUpon
3. Propeller

I hope Belajar SEO tips today will help you a little. There will be more tips coming in.

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  1. Sanjey said...

    Social bookmarking doesn't offer backlink.

  2. khairilhusni said...

    i agree

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