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This blog originally was created for Cabaran SEO organized by Wangcyber with a key phrase of Belajar SEO. Since it was being declared as # 1 for that SEO competition on 17 July 2008, i has not optimize it anymore to maintain that position, However, i will keep on update this blog for benefits of people who may think this blog is relevant.

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I hope you will find useful info about Search Engine Optimization tips in here :)

Belajar SEO- Domain Name

Belajar seo today will focus into domain name registration. Does Name of your website/blog can really giving you a good weighting factor in Search Engine Rank Page? In one way or another, yes, it did help you a little. What will be the best name to choose and the most important is, what is the name is SEO friendly ? Sure, a lot of people try to get a name that refer to the niche of their content. But most of the time, it is already being taken by john doe. Now, let we think as ordinary user of internet and try to search information in the search engine. What do you search?

1. Solution

Most of the time we are looking for the solution for the problem that we face. For example, Your lovely car engine part due to engine replacement. So now you are looking for engine replacement available in the market

2. Entertainment

Internet is about entertainment, sometime people use internet to get some fun such listening to the music, watching video  online.

Giving the 2 scenarios above, as webmaster of the website what will be the best name to be choose as your domain name. Take a look at the 1st scenario.

1. Solution.

You know people are looking for Car engine replacement and by using that name as your keyword, you can name your domain as . That name look very long, by don't bother about that name and you will smile all the way when a lot of people come to your website by using that name as your domain name.

2. Entertainment

For this case, if you providing music download, the best domain name will be "free-music-download". Why do we put in the word of "free" in your domain name? because the whole world like the word free :)

So what will be the conclusion we can make today? The domain name that consist of the keyword especially the long tail keyword will make your website seo friendly and most of the time, it really help your rank :).

Hope you can get something in here and Belajar SEO is continuous process as well as Search engine is concern.

Belajar SEO-5july 2008

What do we learn today?I was uploading video for my google adsense and somehow i found out one interesting video in youtube that talk about SEO. I bet you know him too. Matt cutts is one of the main players in google and everybody like to refer to him to get additional info while playing with Google searching engine. below is the video that i found out.

Ok. So what are the tips that we can learn from this video.

1. Your Keyword on your page

You must have your keyword on your main page. If possible try to put it on top of the page. Matt cutts has already indicated that we must think what people are going to type in the search engine and therefore we have to include that keyword in our main page.

2. Tags your blog/website.

I agree with Matt cutts advice. we MUST enter a proper tags especially  the Title and this TITLE must also include your keyword. Another tips from his is the meta tag description. Yes, this tag is act as the summary of your website and people will always read it first before that click on it.

3. Backlink

Matt cutts reminded again that baclink still play a major roles in listing a website in google searching engine. of course the Quality backlink is the most juices one. We must get the authority website to link to our website and that help us in term of link popularity.

4. Blog and Post often

This is more to maintain the regular visitors so that they can discuss about website in your blog and make your blog dynamic and up to date in term of the content.

5. Use google free tools

I be frank i am never use this tools such as google add url and google webmaster sitemap to get index by google. But since Matt cutts is telling us about the usefulness of this tools, why not give a try :)



Belajar SEO-4July 2008

Belajar SEO is actually interesting exercise and what makes it interesting because there will be a blog/website that are going to take charge from each others. So what are the lesson that i found out from this? Fresh content or the backlink? It hard to say because the fresh content with lack backlink will not promise you that your blog are going to stay forever. The same thing happen if you have static content, no new update, but if you have quality backlink, if you will remain forever. So what is the quality backlink? I do not have any answer as i am trying to analyze the all possibilities especially for Belajar SEO contest.  But the main factor that can give you super power at least, immediate effect will be the Title. Let se what others say in youtube about Title.

1.Stephen Spenser

2. Robin Good -

3. Webpronews

Ok. After looking at the videos, should will follow their advice in for Belajar seo? Hard to say, but one thing for sure, you can take their tips for your SEO web development

Belajar SEO-3July 2008

Nothing much i can say for today as i can see it seem to be very hard to predict the Google Algorithm. At first i thought it was the Title of Belajar SEO can makes the different. But i was far a away from. There are a lot of parameters which i believe contribute for the SERP of Belajar SEO. I will observer from time to time, therefore please stay with me in a while so that we can share the same info about google Search Engine.

Belajar SEO - 1 July 2008

It kind of not very stable on the position of this blog. It is something that i need to study. No doubt, the serp position will never stay at one place as long as new blog is coming and that is why we have to maintain the blog. How to maintain and what to maintain? Belajar SEO is actually continuous process.

1. Content
I think we have to update the blog from time to time because Google like the fresh content.

2. Backlink
Establish the backlink as many as we can BUT get the quality ones.

Belajar SEO - 30 June 2008

Belajar SEO kind of very challenging task and one most important thing is we have to be more patient. Why do i mention about patient? Because you needs a patient to develop your backlink that pointing to your site. Building up a link is not as easy in SEO because if we simply create link to a site, it become a big disaster to your site if the site that you are linked to are the porno website. So happen then? Your site will not be listed as a good and quality website. So how do we create backlink? Here is the general rules.

1. Topic - Make sure we are linking to a site that has same topic or niche with our site

2. Attribute - Make sure we are linking to a site that give us Do follow attribute instead of No Follow.

3. PR- If you can get high PR or greater than PR 3 for the link, that will be a bonus.

Happy Trying and Belajar SEO again in here.